The armoured tactical vehicle featuring high maneuverability is intended for deployment with Rapid Reaction Forces to carry out reconnaissance and patrol duties, especially during asymetric missions, and further serving as a carrier platform for light motorized units. The vehicle, as a unified platform of vehicle family for defence and civil safety applications, can be fitted with a wide range of mission kits - recon, communication and information, command and staff, chemical, medevac and other.



Ballistic Protection

Anti-Mine Protection

Special Vehicle


weight 12,000 kg
Dimensions L:5,735 mm | W: 2,550 mm | H: 2,700 mm Wheelbase: 3,500 mm
Engine Type A: Cummins ISBe, EURO III Type B: Tatra T3C-928 EURO III Output A: 210 KW Output B: 300 kW
Mobility Top speed - on road: 110 km/h Top speed - off road: 45 km/h Cruising range: 500 km Fording depth (instant): 1.2 m Gradient: 45 Side slope: 32/h Vertical obstacle: 0.5 m Trench crossing: 0.9 mbr
main up to 14.5 mm RCWS
options available 7.62 mm / 12.7 mm / 14.5 mm manned gun turret mortar (pick-up vehicle version) AG/SG launchers ATGM launchers