Harimau Medium Tank

Harimau Medium Tank is the latest special vehicle innovation of PT Pindad, supported by Indonesian Ministry of Defence to fulfill the requirements of Indonesian Armed Forces of a new, mobile, and versatile tank with excellent firepower. The tank was born from a joint development of PT Pindad and Turkish FNSS. Harimau is equipped with 105 mm cannon as the main gun and supported by 7.62 mm light machine gun for maximum firepower. Harimau Medium Tank specifically design to operate in tropical environment such as jungle operations due to its lighter weight which gives Harimau the advantage of high mobility.

Special Vehicle

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Combat weight 30 - 35 ton
Crew 3 Persons
Speed 70 km/h on high way
Weapon Turret 105 mm, Smoke Grenade, Coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun