Vehicle Communication Post

Vehicle Communication Post is a mobile communication center made by integrating some radio systems. Every VCP can be used for communication in land, sea, and air.


Radio Interoperability ACU-200 –IP Interoperability (12 channel, dapat mengintegrasikan 12 radio yang berbeda melalui SIP)
Radio V/UHF-AM/FM 721S, Band Frequency 30 -512 MHz
Radio HF AN/VRC-100, Band Frequency 2-30 MHz
Radio All-Band APX-8500, Band Frequency 700/800 MHz, VHF, UHF Range – up to 3000 MHz
Broad-band Global Area Network 727 Explorer (Fully integrated Auto tracking Antenna
Beyond Line of Sight Scotty Promin HD
Satellite Phone Isatphone 2