RAJAAMPAT ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

Robomarine is the first underwater industry in Indonesia that develops ROV technology. RajaAmpat ROV is one of Robomarine ROV designed to fulfill the needs of underwater observation. As a light working-class ROV, RajaAmpat ROV is equipped with an advanced electronics system, including camera, LED lights, processor, and sensors. RajaAmpat ROV is produced in two versions, deep water light working-class ROV and multipurpose ROV. These two versions of ROV are designed to fullfil the needs of ROV application in Indonesia. Deep water light-working class ROV can be operated in the depth of 1000 meters and has been applied in sea observation and pipeline survey. Meanwhile, the multipurpose ROV can be operated in 100 meters depth. The optimized ballast setting facilitates ROV to conduct maneuver. RajaAmpat ROV is a diving vehicle with fast data transmission and rugged cable for supporting ROV mission.

Shipment & Marine


Camera 120 Degrees Tilted Forward HD Camera
Communication Theter: 500 m, Fiber Optic Underwater Cable
Dimension L1150xH7300xW600mm
Lamp 3 unit 8000 lumens LED
Max. Speed 3 knots
Motor 2 unit 1 HP vertical thruster & 4 pcs 1 HP side vector thruster
Operating Depth 300 m
Payload 30 kg
Power 8000 Watt 220 VAC 50-60 Hz
Weight in the air ± 250 kg