Offshore Patrol Vessel-9013 (OPV-9013)

OPV-9013 is an offshore patrol vessel that is able to conduct various missions, such as Maritime Security Operations, Search and Rescue, and Disaster Relief. This vessel has max. speed up to 28 knots and cruising speed on 20 knots. The vessel is equipped with weapons such as main gun 76 mm, auxiliary gun 20 mm, CIWS 35 mm, and SSM. Beside that, the vessel is also equipped with industrial equipment such as radar, IFF, CMS, and so on.

Shipment & Marine


B moulded 13.50 m
Depth 6.50 m
Design Draught 4.00 m
LOA 90 m
LWL 85 m
Max. Speed 28 knot