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From our humble beginnings in 2001, Aweco has grown into a multi-industry manufacturing leader with operations throughout Indonesia and with approximately 1,000 dedicated workforce in our 100,000 m2 facility. The ability to adapt to changing market needs in Indonesia’s economy has been key to our strategic expansion and success in recent years. Since 2008, our expansion into the oil and gas industry has helped Aweco transition from a food and beverage processing equipment-centric manufacturer to a diversified provider of highly engineered transport equipments for LPG, petroleum, and jet fuel. Through our long-term cooperation with the Royal GMF Gouda, Aweco supplies high quality equipments for power, food and beverage, and chemical companies worldwide. Aweco’s cooperation with Fluid Transfer International plays a vital role in Indonesia’s airport infrastructure expansion to help the country meet its increasing air traffic volume and in providing a highly qualified local technical support team for its hydrant dispensers, and refuellers. At Aweco, we strive to deliver high quality and reliable products for helping our customers succeed. We continuously innovate and pursue new and better ways of thinking and of working efficiently.