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Jl. Raya Kabupaten, Desa Ujung Piring, Bangkalan, Madura, Jawa Timur 69118
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PT ADILUHUNG SARANASEGARA INDONESIA has provided real work since its establishment in 1992. With the aim of being one of the supporting links for the cruise industry through shipbuilding and maintenance services, we continue to strive to provide excellent service to shipping industry players. Professionalism and totality are provisions to make PT.ASSI moves forward to compete and grow.

Geographical location on the edge of the western Madura Strait Shipping Channel makes PT.ASSI has a strategic position to facilitate the mobility of the vessels that will undergo repairs. A location that is accessible by sea and land, supported by supporting infrastructure, facilitating the transportation flow of material, equipment and labor.

By sticking to its vision. PT. ASSI will always work continuously beyond stakeholder expectations and become a symbol for the best marine engineering products and services from Indonesia and win the competition through the latest marine technology and knowledge.

The professionalism built by PT. ASSI cannot be separated from the participation of workers who have undoubted capabilities. Skilled and trained personnel are the spearhead of PT. ASSI in building TRUST from customers. The participation of educational institutions, certification and standardization institutions as well as maritime industry associations are elements to create PT. ASSI as a MASTERPIECE that is the pride of INDONESIA.