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Indonesia as an archipelagic country has enormous potentials of oceanic wealth. The presence of water transportation by means of shipping and shipping is a vital necessity in an effort to explore this natural gift. Targeting the one side most appropriate to the readiness and expertise of human resources at that time, then in February 1977 PT. Jasa Marina Indah, or better known as JMI, which is engaged in shipping technology, integrating the construction of new ships and docks and ship repair. Increased service capacity continues to be developed in line with the increasing demands of customer needs. To meet the needs of ship maintenance services in docking, repairing and floating repair, as well as building new ships, on December 29, 1982 a graving dock was operated at the port of Tanjung Emas, Semarang. Two decades have passed, JMI is growing rapidly in accordance with the pace of economic and industrial growth in this country. In response to market demand, a unit II shipyard was built at Tanjung Emas Port in 1993. In addition to having a larger capacity and facilities compared to unit I, unit II will also be more complete and modern if everything is built according to the master plan. These two units operate in an integrated manner to serve customers from private and government companies, even abroad, including for the export of new ships. The development of the company is always in line with improving service quality and improving the quality management system in accordance with international standards such as ISO to ensure that the quality of work is guaranteed for consistency. By implementing this international standard, it is only fitting that at the end of 1998 JMI succeeded in obtaining an ISO 9002/94 certificate from the certification body of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Quality Evaluations, Inc. from America as a manifestation of the company's commitment in entering the era of globalization.