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Jalan Haji Wasid No. 17, Dipatiukur Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132
Phone : +62222502323
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Since 2010, Aero Terra scan has produced several UAV works that are able to answer industry needs in various sectors. Under the auspices of PT Aero Terra Indonesia, Aero Terrascan is an unmanned aircraft (UAV) manufacturer company located in Bandung, Indonesia. Apart from creating UAV works, AeroTerrascan also provides training facilities, method of use, and domestic after-sales service to the use of AeroTerrascan products. AeroTerrascan designs and manufactures UAVs in-house so that they are able to support effective, safe operation and are able to be an effective solution for consumers. AeroTerrascan has a vision to become the leading unmanned aircraft (UAV) manufacturer that provides strategic and technical value to consumers by creating UAV international class that is safe, easy to use, and capable of completing various missions.