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Jl. Raya Burangkeng Km2 Kp. Cinyosong RT.002/003 Kel. Burangkeng, Kec. Setu, Kabupaten Bekasi Jawa Barat
Phone : +622129366320, +622129366318
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PT Burangkeng Maju Tehnik (BMT) is a steel fabrication company that produces products based on customer orders. Founded in 2005 in Burangkeng Village, Setu District (Bekasi), this company has also pioneered the establishment of industrial complexes in this area. Currently PT. BMT has produced more than 30 product variations. The total number of delivered is more than 500 units Water Truck, Lube Truck, Washing Truck, Heavy Truck, and Pontoon. The products produced include Cargo Deck, CPO Tank, and Crusher.